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My name is Declan and my favourite colour is orange. I have an older brother and sister and I also have a dog, Riva, who likes to play soccer. ( he runs around pushing a soccer ball on his head)I like to run and I enjoy any sport that involves running. I play hockey and basketball. When grow up, I want to be a primary school teacher because I can teach kids things to help them with their lives.

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My favourite singer is Drapht because he is really good at rapping and I also like Coldplay. I like to eat anything that is sweet. I live In a two story house and I am really lucky because my bedroom is upstairs.  I like to play Minecraft because it is awesome. My Dad is a secondary school teacher so he tells me a lot of tricks and tips.

My Nanna is coming to our house to live with us and I’m really exited about that. My favourite word is Cunk ( when something hits something else it goes Cunk!)

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