100 Word Challenge Week #8

Ashamed, scared and alone, the lonely boy trudged through the dark forest of emptiness. His guilt had come to him and now there was no hope left. As he stumbled over a fallen tree, he noticed a small girl. She was standing in front him wearing a blue and white striped dress and a huge […]

Maths Mate: Sheet 2 Term 4 Question 22

Predict: I predict this question is going to involve operations of whole numbers. Read: ? ÷ 5 = 9 Clarify: Nothing BIG Question: What number goes in the first slot? Tool: Work Backwards Solve: to solve this question I used the inverse operation of ÷ which is x. So then all I need to do […]

Behind The News: Learning Without Electricity

Most schools use lots of electricity now days for things like computers, ipads, air conditioning, and heating. But a school in Alice Springs were up to the challenge of using no electricity for a whole week! On the first day, Bradshaw Primary moved the tables and chairs out side, along with whiteboards or any other learning […]

Behind The News: Moon Living

Ever since mankind has been sent to the moon, people have come up with the idea of living there. And until now, it has been somewhat fiction. But as humans have evolved and new appliances have been invented, scientists have overcome dilemmas that will help mankind be able to do this much easier. Here are […]

Maths Mate Sheet 6 Question 23

Predict: I predict this is going to be about invert operations. Read: I think of a number, add 15 and then divide by 4. If the result is 5 what was the original number? Clarify: Nothing to clarify: BIG Question: What was the original number? Tool: Work backwards Solve: To solve this I just did the equation […]

Six Room Imagery Poem

Today in class we learnt about the six rooms of poetry and how we can use them to write a poem that creates in image or visualization for the reader. The first room is where you set the scene and write down some things about that. The second room is about the light and colours and […]

Behind The News: Metadata

Metadata is basically just data about data and it is being tracked when people make phone calls. And usually it would be illegal to track people’s phone calls but they are only tracking what the time is when the phone is called and answered and how long the call goes for. The big phone companies […]

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 4

Predict: I predict this is going to be about multiplication and division. Read: The sum of four consecutive numbers is 94. What are the four numbers? Clarify: Sum – The answer to an addition problem. Consecutive: Numbers that occur after each other when counting by one. BIG Question: What are four consecutive numbers that have […]

Procedual Text: How to kick a soccer ball

Here’s a quick and easy way to kick a soccer ball! Follow these simple steps and become a pro today! You will need Soccer ball Running/soccer shoes Target (goals) Method Place the soccer ball in front of your target and take two big steps backwards. When you walk up to the ball walk on a […]