Prep Buddy’s Picnic

Our school uses a system where the preps are paired up with a yr 6 and every Thursday they get together and do some work together. This helps the preps to become more confident with their work and have a good introduction to the school while it helps the yr 6s with their leadership skills. […]

Camp Reflection: Canberra 2014

This year the 5/6’s of Moonee Ponds Primary School went to Canberra for their 2014 camp. It was fun and we learnt lots, but afterwards we had to right a reflection on it. Here’s mine: ACT was very small surprisingly, I say, It took so long to get there; it was very far away, When […]

Valedictorian speech

When I was writing this speech, I asked my Dad if he could remember what I was like on my first day of school. He replied with ‘Little’. I completely agreed with him but shook my head in embarrassment because that’s the only way to respond to a dad joke. But his remark made me […]

Behind The News: G20 preview

The G20 is a meeting held every year but it isn’t a meeting that anyone can attend. It is an exclusive club which means that you have to get an invite. You can also have exclusive clubs for other things to and it could even be just like a birthday party. The G20 is attended […]

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 5 Question 22

Predict ;I predict this is going to be about fractions and order of operations. Read: Which deal is cheaper per gram? $5 – 500g $3 – 250g Clarify: Nothing BIG Question: Which deal is cheaper? Tool: Break the problem into manageable parts Solve: To solve this question I simply noticed that the first option gives you […]

Behind The News: Music Education

There is a part of the government for education and some of those people decide would kids in school learn. The subjects include mathematics, literacy, the arts, languages, and more. One of the parts of the arts is music education. But not many schools are focusing much on it and more on other things like […]

100 Word Challenge Week #10

The small dog shivered as the crowd gathering around guiltily started murmuring to each other in hushed tones. The dog had appeared on the corner of the busy street howling into the ears of the grey depressed look the world around it had adopted. People had tried to remove the mutt, but to no avail. […]

Behind The News; Fire Fighting Kids

A program in South Australia has begun allowing kids to be able to learn to become fire fighters. They learn how to not only deal with fires, but also car crashes and other incidents that they may be called upon. The junior cadets aren’t aloud to take care of a real fire until they’re 16 […]