Camp Reflection: Canberra 2014

This year the 5/6’s of Moonee Ponds Primary School went to Canberra for their 2014 camp. It was fun and we learnt lots, but afterwards we had to right a reflection on it. Here’s mine:

ACT was very small surprisingly, I say,

It took so long to get there; it was very far away,

When we got there people stretched and got right off the bus,

Trying to get all of our luggage turned out as quite a fuss,

We looked around the campsite and got into a huddle,

As we ran to our cabins it turned into a muddle,

As they called us in we ran to be the first, the winner,

We all were very hungry and now it was time for dinner,

We ate our dinner happily like lions with a steak,

And after chicken schnitzel it was time for birthday cake!

Angus was the birthday boy and him and I MC’d,

The performance night that went quite well, as everyone agreed.

The next morning we woke up and got ready for the day,

So much was waiting for us, so what can I say?

The national museum was one of the first things to do,

As we drove there we saw embassies, some old some new,

Some had high security but some were pretty bland,

But many, many countries had their very own space of land,

After the embassies, we moved onto what was,

The nation museum, it was fantastic just because,

The museum was a nice building, quite modern and quite new,

Our guide came up; she said “Hello!” and told us what to do,

She led us through a door and told us to get into groups,

We made our own but then the teachers told us off, oops!

She gave each group an artefact they would find and discover,

We talked about it in our groups like we were undercover,

We saw the rest of the museum and it was really fun,

We got in teams and walked ‘cause we were not to run,

After that we moved onto the archive of film and sound,

We sat down in a small cinema and listened all around,

A woman showed us lots of ads and old stuff from TV,

But after a while she let us out and we were all set free,

We moved around a small exhibit and learnt about technology,

The things we see and here today used to seem like mythology,

After that was Questacon, to learn about our earth,

From modern day technology to the big bang, our world’s birth,

Some much fun was had right there with the gift shop and the slide,

Level to level we kept moving on with help, of course, from our guide,

And it was there that I purchased my famous propeller hat,

But after a while we had to go so back on the bus we sat.

When we got back to camp it was the second of five days,

But it was time for dinner “Yum!” some pasta bolognas!

Our day was not quite over yet, our day that was not school,

Our last activity yet to come was at the AIS swimming pool,

The beautiful water rippled as a swimmer did some laps,

The only bad thing about it was the stupid swimming caps!

Third day of our camp was one of the busiest days yet,

Many activities happened that day and many people were met,

The first perhaps, was a tour of parliament house, the old one,

The new house was much better, I’m afraid; the first had been outdone,

We learnt about elections and about how when,

Someone new gets elected, and they do it all over again,

We got to do a play election to see what they always do,

When people want another person, someone different or new,

The museum of democracy was in the same old place,

We learned about democracy and were to get a taste,

Of what it is and what it was and what it used to be,

We moved around and looked at screens and some technology,

We also got to go inside the place were MPs sit,

It had a name, the House of Representatives, that’s it!

The Australian war memorial was the place that people go,

To mourn the loss of fallen soldiers, ones who died but show,

Bravery and leadership was what we learnt about,

About how they risked for their lives for their country, amazing, no doubt,

We were there for ages and the museum started bore,

But we had to give thanks to those died in battle, years before,

We attended a memorial service and the last post song was blown,

We listened and remembered the bravery that Australians had always shown,

After dinner we got to go back on the bus, again,

We drove right up to black mountain to Telstra tower and then,

We got off the bus and in to the lift, instead of over 300 steps,

When we looked out it was quite scary but no, we were not preps,

There we two levels for sightseeing inside or out,

By out I mean there was a fence but we were not to mess about,

Inside there was a café and we could see quite far,

If you looked straight down then you see a spec that was a car!

Thursday was our last full day and first activity was,

Going to the new parliament house it was fun, because,

We got to see inside the rooms were people discuss and talked,


But after we moved on quietly to the next chamber, we walked,

The House of Representatives and the senate were their names,

We learnt about how the argue and how they make their claims,

We got to see Bill shorten who is the MP for us,

We also saw our old principle when we got off the bus,

But eventually we left and went to CSIRO,

We learnt a lot about science and stuff we didn’t know,

We got to watch a 3D movie with glasses that were cool,

Canberra seemed like lots of fun a lot more than our school,

We got to see a museum exhibit and learn about so much

Like remote mining, our earth and other things as such,

AIS was coming next, the institute of sports,

The place right here was massive and there were all different sorts,

We got a guided tour and we learnt about some records,

Like a girl who did the splits and climbed a rope to the roof in 9 seconds,

We saw the Aussie netball and a professional volleyball team,

We also got to try ourselves some sports teams of four or three,

We got to try sock wrestling, hockey, soccer and dodgeball,

We tried our best and I’m sure that it was lots of fun for all,

After our last dinner we had a very fun movie night,

It was fun after they said “goodbye sleep tight”

The next day was the worst and we were on the bus all day,

We had three stops to eat some food; it was the only way,

For hours on end I watched the road and trees and the blue sky,

Eventually we got there and our parents had been waiting by,

Even though we all were tired we’d had a lot of fun,

I went to sleep, straight away, “good night” said my mum.

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