Valedictorian speech

When I was writing this speech, I asked my Dad if he could remember what I was like on my first day of school. He replied with ‘Little’. I completely agreed with him but shook my head in embarrassment because that’s the only way to respond to a dad joke. But his remark made me think about how much I’ve grown, not only in size, but also in maturity and with what I’ve learnt over all my years at Moonee Ponds Primary School (as well as the 5 years that I had at Moonee Ponds Central School, they count as well).

When look over my years at primary school, I think about how amazing the experiences were. From being an SRC member in prep, to winning the state championships for hockey 7’s this year, I have had a great time.  I was quite lucky to have an older brother and sister at the school already but as they started moving on through to high school, I had to become more mature. When I got upset in the play yard I wasn’t able to rush up to my older brother who got embarrassed every time a small blonde child interrupted his lunch time. No, I couldn’t do that anymore.

I was thinking the other day and realized that I have had 3 principles, 5 classroom teachers, 3 art teachers, 3 Italian teachers, 2 performing art teachers, and 3 P.E. teachers.  That makes 16 teachers that I’ve had in 7 years! I thought it was quite difficult because every teacher has the own ways of getting to know a class and usually need about a term or 2 to stop calling me Devlin (my friend), Matthew (my brother), or Bailey (my other friend). These are all good experiences that will help me through my future.

As I mentioned just before I have had 5 teachers in seven years. In prep, I had Claire (that was a prep 1 class) then I had Beth for year 1, Senada for year 2, Dave for year 3 and then Lee, Lee, and Lee again. It was my first year at this school that I made most of my friends. Some of them were a year older than me which was a bit of a downside because when I got into say year 2, they would be in year 3 and have no chance of being in the same class as me.

People often say that they don’t enjoy school and that they don’t like coming at all. Sometimes, especially Monday mornings, I feel like I don’t want to come to school. But when I get there I’m greeted by my friends and I realize that I do actually enjoy school. I enjoy learning about all sorts of things and I enjoy going outside to play (even though I do enjoy staying home and playing the play station). When I’m in high school I hope I enjoy class as much as I have for the past seven years because it can help me to learn and develop more as a person.

One thing I am really thankful for is the MVIMP programme in our school. Music is a great subject and can really help you to fit into high school. I think some other things my school has helped me with is my optimism. This is a great value and it helps me to do my schoolwork and chores around the house. So much of what I have learnt at my primary school has affected my work in other situation and for that, I am very thankful.

Thank you for listening and have a good night.

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